We have many great ideas to keep Hallowell open for business during the 2018 road construction project. People are stepping up to help, but we need you, too!

The goal is to make sure every business in Hallowell survives this necessary but, let’s face it, unwelcome 6 months of reconstruction and improvement to our downtown. Please look at the list of ideas below organized by committee and find something that you have the skills, contacts, talents, time, interest and/or energy to contribute to and SIGN UP! We are also open to new ideas! Get in touch with any of the committee leads, according to your interests, with questions, comments, and to sign up, or email downwiththecrown2018@gmail.com subject line: I will help!

Marketing, Social Media & Communications Committee

  • Merchants change hours to take advantage of non-work days (0pen Sundays)
  • Taste of Hallowell
  • Weekly raffle
  • Hallowell discount coupons
  • Hallowell Bucks
  • Decorate store fronts
  • One person as liaison to coordinate (commercial person-merchants)
  • Businesses collect email addresses of customers for next year
  • Facebook Page for project (Arts & Cultural Committee)
  • Project info booth at OHD

Logistics Committee

  • Move Rail Trail access to Front Street
  • Create worker parking – encourage parking away from downtown
  • Trolley/Shuttle (including Stevens campus)
  • Burma Shave “Smile” signs
  • Banners over street – open for businesses
  • “Fun” Directional Signage (to parking, bike racks, chairs, restrooms)
  • Video Camera

Funding Committee

  • Sell old granite curbing
  • Sell bumper stickers and t-shirts
  • Buy a brick (do something fun with them such as use them as a ticket to a special event)
  • Set up a “toll highway”
  • Ask City Council
  • Mailing to HABOT
  • Booth at OHD
  • Ask targeted folks in town for donations (just as seed money – second as our budget becomes clear)
  • Sell Hallowell bucks for $20 or same amount that can be redeemed during construction for more than
    $20 or same amount that can be redeemed during construction for mor than $20

Education Committee

  • Archaeology:
    • “What’s Under the Road”
    • Artifacts Display
    • “Dig” for artifacts
  • History:
    • Waterfront tour
    • Maine Memory Network
    • DOT drilling, boring
    • Storytelling (1975 reenactment, living hx, Rialto, historic photos of businesses
  • Construction
    • St. Johnsbury model
    • Safe viewing for kids
    • Meeting workers to learn about jobs
    • Play Station with equipment for kids
  • The River
    • Stories (log drive, pollution clean-up)
    • Nature (sturgeon, striped bass, eagles, osprey come-back, wildlife)
    • CONTACT: Cathie Murray (cathie.murray@gmail.com)

Arts Committee

  • Street Party- paint the street with HDHS musicians before breaking ground
  • Construction song contest(s)
  • Sculpture/public art contest (temporary and permanent including using construction debris)
  • Sketch mob – document project (with photos too) then show temporary contemporary art installment at Stevens Commons; community and kids decorating store windows; coupons in program
  • Poetry contest & citizen art displayed in windows (street art show)
  • Art Walk from Rail Trail to downtown
  • Projections of art downtown (on buildings)
  • Murals/art installations on construction barriers/parking areas

Events and Community Committee

  • Inaugural Event with Crown Prince and Princess (as in Crown of the Road)
  • Name the project contest
  • Street Party
  • Every Friday at 3pm Fire Siren to signal end of construction for the week
  • Time Capsule
  • Cash Mob for HABOT
  • Members/Bike Mob
  • Outside dining on the street
  • Celebrate 3-week cease fire
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Yoga