Hallowell Clay Works

Hidden just beyond the entrance and customer counter of Hallowell Clay Works is a world of creativity, learning and fun just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’ve always wanted to work with clay and a potter’s wheel or simply discover more about this fascinating art form, you will find wonderful experiences awaiting you in this shop and studio on Water Street.

Owner, artist and resident instructor Malley Weber discovered her own passion for ceramics and clay work by taking a college course in 1985. Weber opened her first clay studio in Hallowell in 20015 but originally came to Hallowell as a part of the original team that opened the Liberal Cup. She opened her first shop and studio in Damariscotta as “Moonshine Pottery” but was able to expand her operation with the move to Hallowell. Now the studio is able to offer an extensive series of courses and classes for children, adults and older adults. Malley also teaches as an adjunct professor at University of Maine, Augusta.

Malley moved to Hallowell from upstate New York in 1990 and fell in love with Maine. She describes Hallowell as a perfect location for her artistry and craft because it’s such a creative community and so supportive of artisans. In describing her own passion for this medium Malley says:

“I enjoy creating with my hands. I also love the endless possibilities, different firing ranges, clays, glazes and firing techniques that are available. I love teaching community pottery classes at my studio for kids and adults and also teach Ceramic Arts as an adjunct at UMA. Those classes are much more sculptural and fit more into the Fine Arts category as opposed to Fine Craft. There’s plenty of crossover though.”

Malley also recognizes that ceramics and working with clay offers far more than just a creative, fun and challenging experience of personal growth. One of the extended benefits of this sensory art form is also healing. She says:

“It’s been proven that working with your hands helps your brain develop. Clay is very grounding and responds to everything you do to it. It makes for a perfect mirror and can be incredibly therapeutic. I recommend that everyone try it at least once. When I need to focus on the here and now I grab a hunk of clay. I can use it very expressively in the case of creating from my heart or I can use it very meditatively such as throwing on the wheel. It demands your complete attention and so I can let the whole world take a back seat for a while. For me it’s a healthy escape from the pressures of the world. It’s also part of the service I provide as a teacher and opening a community clay studio. I think we all can use a healthy break from stress plus you get some great hand-made pottery!

Hallowell Clay Works is a wonderful place to discover your creative side or simply to take some time apart to discover more about yourself. Malley will be happy to help you choose the class that will help you step into the world of ceramics and clay work.

Hallowell Clay Works

157 Water St
Hallowell, Maine 04347

***We can’t always get to the phone when we are teaching so please leave a message

BEST WAY TO CONTACT US IS EMAIL   hallowellclayworks@gmail.com

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  • MON- CLOSEDTUES 10-8pm
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  • SAT 10-6
  • SUN 10-2


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