Meet Our Featured Business of the Week – Dom’s Barber Shop

A Hallowell Tradition Since 1936

If you’ve only walked by Dom’s Barber Shop at 156 Water Street without stopping in, then you’ve missed one of the best things downtown Hallowell has to offer – it’s terrific people and an authentic, small-town experience! Dom’s Barber Shop offers both.

At Dom’s you can do more than get a haircut, or a trim or even a shave, you can step back into a slower and kinder day and time as owner Patti Burnett welcomes you into one her vintage barber chairs and goes to work sharing not only her barbering skills, but her skill at helping people relax and enjoy some great conversation.

Dom’s tradition of offering a warm welcome even if you’re stopping in just to chat and don’t need a haircut today, began with its original owner Dom Blodgett when he moved his business from Randolph to Hallowell in 1934. He then moved the shop to its current location in 1936. Through war and peace, good financial times and bad and the changing generations and haircut styles, Dom’s has remained a fixture in the small-town culture of Hallowell.

Current owner and barber-in-residence, Patti Burnett began her barber apprenticeship sweeping floors for Dom from the age of 12. But she learned more than just about the business of running a barber shop and giving a great haircut, she learned about the importance of the relationships that get formed with the people in your chair.

Dom’s father encouraged Patti to pursue something she loved and that would bring her joy in life so after attending school at Hanson’s in Lewiston and getting her license, she returned to work for Dom and then Roland Marquis when he bought the business as Dom’s health began to fail. Roland’s daughter-in-law, 

Julie Keithley has also been an important point of continuity for Dom’s customers working first with her father-in-law and now with Patti. Patti bought the business on a handshake from Roland in 1999 and with that handshake, came full circle.

Both Patti and Julie agree that one of the greatest joys in their profession is seeing the child who had his hair cut for the very first time at Dom’s bring their own child back for 

their first haircut, sometimes from long distances just because it’s such a wonderful experience and tradition.

Patti says of her many years cutting hair that she has learned first-hand that we human beings have much more in common than those things we allow to separate us. So next time, don’t just walk by Dom’s, stop in, have a chat and maybe a trim. Along with a great haircut, you’ll find a lift in your spirits just by spending some time in one of Hallowell’s true gems.

Average length of time these customers have been coming:  16 years

How far do people come to Dom’s?

                From Richmond, Rome, Belgrade Lakes, Winthrop, Manchester

What keeps you coming back to Dom’s?

  • Why go anywhere else-they are the BEST! (Bob – 50 year client)
  • Good people, great haircut and a fair price (Chris)
  • I still have hair! (Syd)
  • Patti’s humor (Ron)

What do you like most about Dom’s?

  • Nice people, great haircuts and conversation (Bob)
  • We have been welcomed as part of the Dom’s family for 15 years from haircut #1 on to the next generation. (Jason) Comes all the way from Richmond for his haircuts.
  • I love the classic barber shop feel and the “authentic” conversation which is hard to find these days (Mathias)
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