Red Cloak Tours is the largest walking tour company in Maine and offers 5 types of tours – all historically based. Here in Hallowell we have 2 –

The Twilight Haunted History tours are held in the evenings from May – October. A stroll through the back streets of town, and along Water St., will give you a whole new perspective (and goosebumps!) of Hallowell and its’ history. Ghostly tales, superstitions, architecture, early settlers, industries, colorful characters, haunted spots and more are all covered during the 90 minute tour.

Our Historic Tidbit Tasting Tours are also walking tours which will showcase Hallowell’s historic village area. During your 2 hour tour, you’ll learn what some of the buildings were originally and how they fit into the early days of Hallowell. You’ll have an opportunity to taste specialties of several restaurants/shops on the tour – including some iconic Maine foods, and learn a bit about the background of the foods. These tours will be held at least through the fall, maybe longer, and will begin again next Spring.

Tours in other areas of Maine include Lighthouse Cruises, Maritime History & Mystery Tours, Historic Cemetery Tours as well as custom offerings. Please check our website, or call 207-380-3806.

Red Cloak Haunted History Tour Hallowell Maine

Owner: Sally Lobkowicz
Phone: (207) 380-3806